Plastic Waste Reduction Initiatives

We were discussing and consulting in various places in Prague that we identified as producing an abundance of plastic waste, but with a great potential of improvements.

We were attempting an implementation of a reusable plastic cup system across Naplavka in Prague mainly in the years 2015 and 2016, trying to persuade TCP (Trade Centre Praha), which has been managing Prague Naplavka riversides. We prepared a plan of implementation, including all needed calculations, recommending NickNack reusable plastic cup system and cooperating with Greendoors (employing disabled people for the cups cleaning closeby). After few years, some changes have started to take place at the Prague Naplavka in these matters and hopefully we were adding to those changes by our proposals too.

Also, throughout the years (mainly between the years 2017 and 2020), we tried to propose to food corners in various shopping centres in Prague to use other than single plastic use cups, cutlery and plates. Unfortunately, they were not usually open to such a change yet or they were not able to make the change themselves, being dependent on the shopping centre operations management.

Additionally at the same time, we have talked with employees of Ugo and similar brands that have been using single used plastic cups for their juice drinks, to try to discuss with them alternative options to single use plastic material. We also found out that such a cup has even for those chains some money value so it could be interesting for them also financially to try to replace them by reusable options. And provide a little discount to customers who bring their own cup/ container for the juice.