About us

We are a group of young volunteers working since 2015 for positive change to our environment & community and focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Transformation. Till July 2021, we did so under the auspices of the non-profit organisation INEX-SDA; since then we are an independent voluntary association (zapsaný spolek in Czech).

We are trying to turn people into “sustainability change agents” and, so far, we have undertaken several activities such as organizing events to raise awareness, tried to reduce plastic waste in public spaces and created this website to serve as a knowledge basis for the Sustainability topic. More details about our actions can be found in "Our projects" section.

We would like to gradually improve awareness on sustainability/responsibility of companies & individuals in the Czech Republic to create transformation and inspire others to live, work, decide more responsibly: responsibly to the environment, society, communities and in general to the world we live in. Wherever we live.

Our partners