Tips & Recommendations

Six must haves to do it right
  1. Focus on core business (not something extra like philanthropy: it is just a cherry extra)
  2. Make sustainability a part of company’s DNA – making business sustainably should be a priority for owners of the company
  3. Best scenario is top-down approach (top management supports and drives sustainability) – however, everybody matters and can make a difference: Be a sustainability change agent in whatever you do
  4. Sustainability is present at all decisions to be made
  5. Connect your philantrophy activities with your core business (relevancy)
  6. Measure (what is not measured is not important)

Two extra recommendations 
  • Every little step is a good start.
  • Do not try to be totally perfect from the beginning – to prevent being overwhelmed and demotivated after some time.

How to do efficient CSR

To be able to do CSR efficiently, it is necessary to set goals, measure and report on the development.
There are several methods to measure corporate sustainability. The most common method is GRI, Global Reporting Initiative. The main benefit of using this method is the comparability with other companies and comprehensiveness.
The best way to set what should be measured is to start from scratch, meaning that the company itself thinks about how making its core business responsibly should be measured and after having this list ready just check the indicators included in the methods (e. g. GRI) to see if any important indicators have or have not been forgotten.

We recommend further reading on Innovative Sustainable Business Models by checking the following interesting articles from The Guardian, and IFM and on the Shared Value Concept from FSG.

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