Prodex (producer index) is an evaluation tool for producers (social entrepreneurs, companies etc.) to help them see how circular (hence also environmentally sustainable) their product idea is. Like this, producers can compare among more products’ ideas to decide which one to pursue, based on their circularity.

You can find your producer index by answering the short questionnaire below.


Producer index

Welcome, you will be asked 15 yes/no questions and at the end you'll see your score.

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Category: R0 (refuse)

1. Does the manufacturing process require hazardous/polluting chemicals?

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Category: R0 (refuse)

2. Does the manufacturing process require raw/virgin materials (i.e. not processed or recycled)?

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Category: R0 (refuse)

3. Will your product be sold and used locally?

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Category: R1 (reduce)

4. Is the manufacturing process optimised to use as little material as possible per unit of production?

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Category: R1 (reduce)

5. Do you use recycled or repurposed materials in your product?

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Category: R2 (resell/reuse)

6. Is your product meant to be used only once within the original purpose?

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Category: R2 (resell/reuse)

7. Does your product have packaging?

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Category: R3 (repair)

8. Can your product be easily repaired?

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Category: R4 (refurbish)

9. Is your product possible to be refurbished? (Can its parts be repaired or replaced by new parts?)

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Category: R5 (remanufacture)

10. Is the product possible to be remanufactured (i.e. dismantled, cleaned, and put together again being “like new”)?

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Category: R6 (repurpose)

11. Can your product (or some of its key components) be used for another function once the original product is discarded?

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Category: R7 (recycle materials)

12. Is your product possible to be recycled in the country where it should be sold/used?

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Category: R7 (recycle materials)

13. Are all parts of the product possible to be dismantled at the end of its lifecycle?

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Category: R8 (recover – energy)

14. Can energy be extracted from your product as it is being discarded?

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Category: R9 (re-mine)

15. Does your product contain material that can be recovered after being in the landfill?

Created as a group project during the AEMS summer school 2021. Find more information here. Authors: Markéta Svobodová, Alexis Heitzmann, Alifia Marina Syarfi, Fatima Vargas.
The range of questions was inspired by the 10R hierarchy. Different cycles in circular economy can be visualized in the butterfly diagram.