Sustainability Reading Club

In 2021, we started a reading club! Its purpose is twofold:

  1. To create a platform for guided and meaningful discussions pertaining to sustainability.
  2. To bring together like-minded individuals who want to share their insights, but also learn from other sustainability enthusiasts.

For our next meet-up, we are going to discuss an online report about Climate Change that is suitable for readers short on time but still looking to inform themselves about the facts. 🙂

Document: Climate Change: Evidence & Causes
Author: Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences
Date of meet-up: Thursday, July 21st, 2022
Time of discussion: 19:00
Location: online (link will be provided after signing-up)

You do not have to be a RespON volunteer to join the club or any specific discussions. So, if you are interested in signing up to our next meet-up, please feel free to:

» fill in this registration form

See also our Facebook event (note that it has been postponed to 21st July).

Previous sessions
Sustainability Reading Club II: 31. 03. 2022
We were happy to welcome you to the second session of our Reading Club. This time we discussed the book Small is beautiful: economics as if people mattered by Ernst F. Schumacher.

Sustainability Reading Club I: 25. 11. 2021
In the first session of our Reading Club we discussed the book The Nature Fix about diverse positive effects of nature, written by the award-winning author Florence Williams.

If you have any further questions regarding the reading club, or RespON in general, please write to us at