Impressions from COP24 – podcast

Do you know what it’s like to experience a global climate conference? Markéta Svobodová (RespON) and Domenico Vito (Legambiente) participated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Katowice (COP24). Even though this important event already took place in 2018, environmental problems still exist… Listen to the viewpoints of experts from different corners of the globe, learn how wine might taste in 2050, and discover the atmosphere of thrilling days full of discussions in a lively Polish city!

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Environmental association Legambiente:
Prof. Fekadu Beyene:…s/fekadu-beyene
Senator Simon Stiell:…l_simon.asp
Bordeaux 2050:…e-global-warming
Prof. Johan Rockström:…kstrom.html
Sustainable Development Goals:
Hothouse Earth pathway:
Paris Agreement:
Nancy Saich:…uinely-new
YOUNGO closing plenary speech (that Markéta Svobodová helped prepare):
Talk of Greta Thunberg:
Outcomes of COP24:…it-take-so-long…end-with-a-deal
COP26, Glasgow 2021:


Recording at COP24: Markéta Svobodová and Domenico Vito
Host: Eva Klímová
Script: Jiří Zeman, Markéta Svobodová, Eva Klímová and Markéta Ryšavá
Editing: Jiří Zeman


Crowander (CC BY-NC 4.0,…rock/high-funk)
recordings from the conference (including a horn ensemble of Polish State Forests)
Sound Effects Library (
Doctor Turtle (CC BY 4.0,…/fingerlympics)
Revolution Void (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US,…bscure_terrain)
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