Tips & Recommendations

Tips to help build your sustainable lifestyle starting today! 🙂
  1. Choose better transport: choose less polluting means of transport, trade driving to walking or cycling, trade flying to virtual meetings, trade buses to trains, etc. Read more here.
  2. Choose better food: consume fresh & locally produced products & encourage local economy, consume less livestock production & support ecological & ethical farming, Read more here.
  3. Choose better consumption: consume environmentally friendly & fair trade products. Read more here.
  4. Practice energy efficiency: choose clean/renewable energy alternatives & energy efficient devices, use electricity responsibly. Read more here.
  5. Limit waste: practice good waste management – reuse, recycle, compost, minimize usage of pakaging & unecessary bags. Read more here.
  6. Be active: choose CSR conscious & active companies as your employer or customer, get involved as volunteer in active groups or start one.
  7. Be seen: become  a sustainability living example & share with others your knowledge & resources.

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Recipes for your household

Here take a look at recipes for household products and cosmetics made with simple and more sustainable ingredients. You can also download them in PDF.

Further tips
  • If you must buy goods in plastic or other wrapping, at least buy a large package (i.e. relatively to the amount of the product, you have less plastic or other material).
  • On your post box, put a notice “No flyers please” so that you avoid unnecessary waste – useless flyers.
  • Don’t let the water keep running while you’re brushing your teeth, because otherwise you consume water needlessly.
  • Remove electric devices (e.g. mobile phone, laptop, but also an unused charger) from the socket if you don’t want to charge them, as they still draw some amount of power while plugged.