Transition to a Sustainable Business

It's not easy to start behaving more sustainable but what is the most important is to start. Step by step. Because even the smallest change matters. Usually, every change has multiplying factors (little change in logistics/delivery has influence on a lot of deliveries to customer). Those are the FIVE PHASES which we recommend to be undertaken for a transition to take place.

1 Analyse the status-quo

Do not underestimate analysis. It is needed to look at how currently a company works, functions in different areas. How transparently communicates to customers, how recycles materials and waste, how effectively designs and manages logistical journeys and energy consumption, how openly communicates towards its employees etc.

2 Prioritize

When looking at areas which are managed the most weakly by the company so far, prioritise the top 3 or top 5 areas which you should start with to focus on. Of course, when those will be resolved or improved, other ones should come to play its round.

3 Create a plan

In the areas selected in prioritization phase, create a plan of activities and steps what is needed to be done to improve the specific area and/ or situation.

4 Set up KPIs – Measure

For every area selected (from top 3 or 5), create a KPI. What is not measured, does not see development. Thus, always it is crucial to set up a concrete and measurable (SMART) target.

5 Track the progress

It is needed to continuously measure the KPIs and track their progress (impact of activities). Accordingly, updates should be made to KPIs which are then again tracked.

Common mistakes of companies in regards to Corporate Sustainability:

  • They do not make analysis (situation regarding problems, negative impacts on its surroundings).
  • They do not create targets where they are heading to (in what and how they want to make improvements).
  • They do not measure impacts (what is not measured is like it does not exist at all).
  • They support projects according to their personal preferences, not according to the needs to solve concrete problems in their companies / industry/ of their customers

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