Marketa Svobodova has been passionate about sustainability since her studies. She is constantly trying to be Sustainability Change Agent at work as well as in her free time. She believes that everybody can motivate people around, thus multiplying positive effects. With background of International Trade, CEMS, International Management, and international work experience, she created this group of volunteers on Sustainability in spring 2015 with the aim to improve sustainable behavior of companies as well as individuals. She also worked on employee satisfaction, customer experience and quality of sales and care, and various environmental topics.


Eva is a Czech/Canadian with a background in mining engineering. Through her studies, she found a passion for exploring and implementing sustainability practices within the field of energy.
Her passion inspired her to start a journey of personal growth; she enjoys learning about sustainable practices that are easily and realistically implemented into personal lifestyles. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and know-how with those looking to further learn, discuss, and explore sustainability (both on a corporate and personal level).
In her spare time, Eva enjoys exploring the outdoors and practicing the art of Muay Thai.


Erika Jarošová first became interested in the environment or sustainability at secondary school, when she studied in the programme Protection and creation of the environment, in Hořovice. During these studies, she would attend international volunteer projects of INEX-SDA, both as a participant or a leader. At university she graduated in ethnology, her Master's thesis being on the topic of freeganism. With Hnutí Brontosaurus, she went to a help camp in Banat (Romania) during her studies and used to help monitor and protect wolves and lynxes. After finishing university, she worked in the corporate sector for a while and then, as a curator, in the Bohemian Karst Museum in Beroun. At present, she is on parental leave. Having lived in a village for over five years, she started being interested in sustainable household practices and permaculture. In 2021, her garden was added to a network of permaculture projects.


Jiri Zeman studied mathematical modelling in Prague. Having lived in Zlín for 11 years, he still likes going back to Moravia from time to time. During his one-month volunteer work in an ecological tented conference centre in England he got to know sustainable lifestyle and realized how it’s important to strive for it. He’s convinced that the ideas of sustainable development should also be urged by people whose job is unrelated to environmentalism. He finds appealing the idea to change companies‘ policies, since companies usually impact on more things than individuals.


Alexei is a mathematician from Ireland who moved to Augsburg (Germany) for his Ph.D. studies. Sustainability and environmentalism have always been important to him. In recent years especially, he has been moved by our changing climate and has been thinking of ways of taking effective action. He joined RespON after an invitation to the first reading club meeting and saw it as a great opportunity to support and share with others on the topic of sustainability.

Former members


Agnes Tolescu has an educational background in economics and working experience in data analysis in business & pricing strategy. She’s trying to put her skills to use for a positive change in the community she lives in. The only expat & non Czech speaker in the group, she moved to Czech Republic from her home country, Romania. Being part of the team was a great opportunity to teach herself and teach others about Sustainability, which she thinks it’s the key to our future and the future of our next generations.


Jakub Zajíc is Technical Consultant with a background in Sustainable development and Business administration. He is excited about new technologies and always seeking for opportunities to drive innovatively sustainable improvements in any business area. Being part of RespON group, he finds as a great opportunity of supporting and promoting positive change and sustainable behavior.


Y My Vu Thi is a Data Science Consultant in international company based in Prague. Born in Vietnam, enjoys active lifestyle and exploring new cultures by traveling. Joined RespON to raise awareness about environment-friendly and socially responsible ways of living. Improving a plastic waste policy of a single corporation or changing one person’s habits by switching to reusable sources would be a great success for her. She says: “It is unavoidable to not use plastic in my busy business and social life. I have bought so many plastic bottles in my life and many I did not even recycle. We all have. But I learnt how to use less. We all can. Join me to live as a responsible consumer in this consume world!”


Luca Preziosa is an Italian architect that moved to Prague some time ago. He joined RespON after attending the first Sustainability Evening and learning about zero-waste. His main goal is to create public awareness and a network of active citizens. He believes that governments are not doing enough and not embracing a drastic change in our society which is the only solution to the current environmental crisis.