Our Projects

Plastic Waste Management

We are currently discussing and giving consulting on various places in Prague identified as creating significant waste and with great potential of improvement. Our biggest project in this Area is facilitating the implementation of a reusable plastic cup system across Naplavka by partnering up with Knick Knack and Greendoors, initiated in 2015 and currently in negotiation phase.

Details & updates will follow.


We organized several events with the main goal of raising awareness on the Sustainability topic but also of hearing people’s feedback and experiences, mainly through: debate, brainstorming session, presentation at Earth Day, presentation at CEMS Block Seminar, stand at Elderly Day.

We are currently organizing Sustainability Evenings in partnership with GreenGlasses! The events are meant to raise awareness and teach about key sustainability issues, and how to take action locally.

The first edition happened on 7th of December in Studio Alta from 6PM. The theme was Zero Waste, a concept focused on reduction of trash (mainly plastic) and finding reusable and recyclable alternatives. During the first edition of Sustainability Evenings we tried to show you how you can incorporate this philosophy into your day to day life. The program consisted in meeting local zero waste vendors and NGOs, a documentary screening of “The Clean Bin Project”, followed by a discussion on how to take action locally.

Stay tuned on our website and on our facebook page for our events!


Our group was created under the umbrella of INEX SDA non-profit organisation, with whom we are constantly collaborating in all our actions.

We partnered up with Greenglasses, Prague’s first sustainable lifestyle platform, and our aim is to make their work more accessible to the public so everyone could find out how many resources there are for easily integrating sustainability in your lifestyle or business.

We also started discussions with representatives of Prague 3’s Townhall, currently planning several activities together that would fill in the Sustainability gap in the area through events, education, change.

More details & updates will follow.