Presentations & Workshops

Upcoming events

Our next events are going to take place later in 2024. Stay tuned on this website and on our Facebook page to learn about our events! In particular, if you’re interested in the next meeting of our reading club, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll send you more details 🙂

Past events

We regularly organise events with the goal of raising awareness about the topic of sustainability. Our events include presentations, workshops, debates or brainstorming, all on the topic of sustainability.

Have a look at the list of events we organised or took part in:

Reading Club: 19. 6. 2024 online
For the first time we discussed a comic book: The Most Important Comic Book on Earth! A diverse team of environmentalists and artists has cooperated to create a collection of 120 inspirational stories about topics such as biodiversity or climate. Certain ones were developed in collaboration with celebrities like Jane Goodall, The Office sitcom creator Ricky Gervais, or James Bond’s boss’ portrayer Judi Dench. Sustainability reading club. Facebook event.
DobroUdržitelná konference: 3.–9. 6. 2024
We co-organised the conference about volunteering and sustainable lifestyle with Dobrovolnická akademie INEX and the educational platform Rise and Shine.
Reading Club: 8. 12. 2023 online
In our meetup, we discussed the economic theory of degrowth, as presented in the 2020’s book Less Is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World, written by Jason Hickel. The author was born in Swaziland and became known for his earlier book The Divide: A Brief Guide to Global Inequality and its Solutions (2017). He is professor at the Institute for Environmental Science and Technology in Barcelona. Apart from his academic research, J. Hickel contributes articles to The Guardian or Al Jazeera on global development and political economy. Sustainability reading club. Facebook event.
Workshops for INEX-SDA: 10. 9. and 6. 12. 2023
We were invited to prepare DIY cosmetics workshops in Prague at volunteer get-togethers of INEX – the Association of Voluntary Activities. FB event. Another one.
Earth quiz nad pivem 29. 6. 2023
In this first pub quiz that we organized you could learn interesting facts about our planet and the environment. The event was held in Pubble in Vinohrady, Prague. We thank the publishing house Kazda for prizes for the winners. FB event.
DobroUdržitelná konference: Les jako naše zahrada 6.–9. 6. 2023 online
With Dobrovolnická akademie INEX and Rise and Shine we prepared an online conference about topics such as environmentally aware nutrition, deforestation and sustainable organizations or business. Recordings (in Czech) can be found on the Youtube channel of Dobrovolnická akademie. FB event.
Reading Club: 30. 3. 2023 online
The book Drawdown (2018), which we discussed, proposes 100 realistic and bold solutions to the climate crisis. More information. Facebook event.
Reading Club: 24. 11. 2022 online
In this meeting we discovered the carbon footprint of various products or activities with the book How bad are bananas? written by Mike Berners-Lee (2011). More information. Facebook event.
DobroUdržitelné odpoledne – Každodenní hrdinství: 15. 9. 2022
Within the Czech Week for climate we organized another online Dobroudržitelné odpoledne (volunteering & sustainability afternoon) in cooperation with the Volunteer academy of INEX-SDA and Rise and Shine. The topic was Everyday heroism in volunteering and sustainability… and here’s the event’s page.
Reading club: 21. 7. 2022 online
In this Sustainability reading club we discussed the online report Climate Change: Evidence & Causes.
DobroUdržitelné odpoledne – Cestuj minimalisticky: 26. 5. 2022 online
An event about sustainable travelling, co-organised by Dobrovolnická akademie INEX and Rise and Shine.
Rise and Shine conference 7. 5. 2022
We had an interactive stand at this student conference in Prague.
Reading club: 31. 3. 2022 online
We were happy to welcome you to the second session of our Reading Club. This time we discussed the book Small is beautiful: economics as if people mattered by Ernst F. Schumacher.

Permaculture – how to: 2. 12. 2021
We co-organized this workshop with Hnutí Brontosaurus in Prague. Erika Jarošová, our member who’s been interested in the topic for years, joined the event as the guest of the evening.
Reading Club: 25. 11. 2021 online
In the first session of our Reading Club we discussed the book The Nature Fix about diverse positive effects of nature, written by the award-winning author Florence Williams.

DOBROudržitelné odpoledne #Vánoce 21. 11. 2021
At this event, organized together with Dobrovolnická akademie INEX, you could hear stories of volunteers and have a talk with NGO representatives about less consumerist Christmas.

How to have a sustainable Christmas and household: 2. 12. 2020 online
We cooperated with Hnutí Brontosaurus in planning a workshop with discussions.
Sustainability – workshop in Prague 8. 10. 2020
The workshop about sustainability was cohosted by Hnutí Brontosaurus. Participants learned new facts about sustainable lifestyle and shared their own experience.
Town celebrations in Jílové u Prahy: 12. 9. 2020
We were invited to have an interactive stall at the Town celebrations in Jílové u Prahy.
Sustainability Workshop 3 with debate: 9. 9. 2020
From 18:30 till 20:00 another Sustainability workshop took place on the Smíchov riverside in Prague. 🙂 Besides other things, we discussed the relationship of the coronavirus pandemic and the environment.

Rise and Shine conference 17. 5. 2020
The personal development conference with the topic Think, talk and listen happened online this time. We took part in it with a video-recipe for a sustainable product for household.
Go Green webinar 4. 5. 2020
The webinar organised by the Volunteer academy INEX and ESN Prague had sustainability in organisations and households as its topic.
Online Rise and Shine conference 4. 4. 2020
Organisers of the conference Live your dream were not even stopped by the state of emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic and the event moved online 🙂 As RespON we contributed to it with a video about how to prepare a home-made product.

Sustainability Workshop 2: 12. 12. 2019

After our Sustainability Evening in November, we had a Sustainability Workshop on 12th December from 18:00 on Smíchov riverside, cell (Czech: kobka) no. 17.

Workshops in Žižkov Community Centre 19. 11., 20. 11. 2019

In Žižkov Community Centre we had two workshops: 19. 11. from 16:30 till 17:30 for mothers with children and 20. 11. from 16:30 till 19:00 for the general public. Again we are watched (short) films and made something useful for our homes.

Sustainability workshop 14. 11. 2019

On 14. 11., you could join our first Sustainability Workshop at Smíchov riverside (Hořejší nábřeží 1126/5, in cell 17).

EcoWeek 14. 11. 2019
On Thursday 14. 11. 2019 from 12:00 till 13:30 we were at Anglo-American University in Prague, where EcoWeek was taking place. You could create useful products for your household with us 🙂
Rise and Shine conference 9. 11. 2019
At this Rise and Shine conference, we were part of the accompanying programme again.
Demonstrative workshop at a Prague's boardwalk 23. 10. 2019
On 23rd October we joined the Days of open cells on the riverside of Vltava and we are going to continue with such workshops.
EKOFILM 12. 10. 2019
On Sunday 12. 10. we had a stall at EKOFILM in Brno.
Rise and Shine conference 6. 10. 2019
The conference Cestuj a objevuj took place in Pilsen.
Workshop of the Volunteer Academy of INEX-SDA – Live Sustainably 29. 4. 2019
The Volunteer Academy of INEX-SDA let us spread principles of an environmentally friendly lifestyle at a workshop, full of inquisitive and open-minded people. Find more on Facebook.
AAU EcoFest 26. 4. 2019
We were invited by Anglo-American University to the EcoFest 2019 and were showing to visitors how to make useful products, such as softener, without unnecessary waste. Facebook event.
Rise and Shine conference 6. 4. 2019
The Rise and Shine conference was held in Liberec and we are really glad that Rachel and Molly represented us there and took part in providing accompanying programme (creating sustainable household products). Facebook event.

Xmas gifts made sustainably workshop 11. 12. 2018
On 11th December, a Xmas gift-making workshop took place in JazyGo (Mánesova 28, Praha) from 6:30 PM! You could get inspired there how to spend Christmas more sustainably and take away something original for your family/friends. Photos from the event.

Workshop about sustainable lifestyle in the Žižkov Community Centre 29. 11. 2018
At the workshop and presentation about sustainable lifestyle in the Žižkov Community Centre, you made e. g. your own dry shampoo or washing powder. Invitation for the event.

Rise and Shine conference 3. 11. 2018: Rosteme společně
Everyone who visited the RespON stall at this conference could make their own softener, toothpaste or solve a cipher. Photo and recipes (in Czech).
Regional conference EVVO 31. 10. 2018
In the National Technical Library on 31st October 2018, we joined the Regional conference EVVO for companies and the public sector. We presented our activities at a stall.
Screening of the film Immortal forest 20. 9. 2018
In cooperation with the Prague 3 Municipality and Echoes of Ekofilm, we screened the Slovak documentary Immortal forest, within the event Sousedská slavnost.
Fairytale expedition in Zeleneč 8. 9. 2018
Thanks to our previous collaboration with the municipality of Zeleneč, we could be present at the Fairytale expedition on 8. 9. 2018, where we had a stall with games for children. In the photo gallery you can even see too original drawings by young green-minded artists.
Rise and Shine conference 18. 6. 2018
In 2018, the organisers invited us for their June conference too (18. 6. 2018). This time participants got the opportunity to make their own softener at our stall. Here you find pictures (source: Rise and Shine).
Rise and Shine conference 17. 3. 2018
On Saturday 17th March we had the pleasure to talk about our activities at a stand at a student Rise and Shine conference. We had prepared a quiz for participants and a video had been shot (in Czech) in connection with our participation:

Take a look at the photos from the conference.

In 2017 we presented sustainable issues on these occasions:

  • presentation at Earth Day in Zeleneč u Prahy,
  • stand at Elderly Day on náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad in Prague,
  • presentation at CEMS Block Seminar at Vienna University (WU) focused on managing the change towards a greater sustainability in companies.