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Sustainability Evenings & other events

Planned events

Our next events are going to take place in 2020.

Past events

We regularly organise events with the main goal of raising awareness of the Sustainability topic.  Several events also focused on hearing people’s feedback and experiences through debate or a brainstorming session.

Presentations on the topic of individuals’ and/or companies’ sustainability
Sustainability Workshop 2: 12. 12. 2019

After our Sustainability Evening in November, we had a Sustainability Workshop on 12th December from 18:00 on Smíchov riverside, cell (Czech: kobka) no. 17.

Workshops in Žižkov Community Centre 19. 11., 20. 11. 2019

In Žižkov Community Centre we had two workshops: 19. 11. from 16:30 till 17:30 for mothers with children and 20. 11. from 16:30 till 19:00 for the general public. Again we are watched (short) films and made something useful for our homes.

Sustainability workshop 14. 11. 2019

On 14. 11., you could join our first Sustainability Workshop at Smíchov riverside (Hořejší nábřeží 1126/5, in cell 17).

EcoWeek 14. 11. 2019
On Thursday 14. 11. 2019 from 12:00 till 13:30 we were at Anglo-American University in Prague, where EcoWeek was taking place. You could create useful products for your household with us 🙂
Rise and Shine conference 9. 11. 2019
At this Rise and Shine conference, we were part of the accompanying programme again.
Demonstrative workshop at a Prague's boardwalk 23. 10. 2019
On 23rd October we joined the Days of open cells on the riverside of Vltava and we are going to continue with such workshops.
EKOFILM 12. 10. 2019
On Sunday 12. 10. we had a stall at EKOFILM in Brno.
Rise and Shine conference 6. 10. 2019
The conference Cestuj a objevuj took place in Pilsen.
Workshop of the Volunteer Academy of INEX-SDA – Live Sustainably 29. 4. 2019
The Volunteer Academy of INEX-SDA let us spread principles of an environmentally friendly lifestyle at a workshop, full of inquisitive and open-minded people. Find more on Facebook.
AAU EcoFest 26. 4. 2019
We were invited by Anglo-American University to the EcoFest 2019 and were showing to visitors how to make useful products, such as softener, without unnecessary waste. Facebook event.
Rise and Shine conference 6. 4. 2019
The Rise and Shine conference was held in Liberec and we are really glad that Rachel and Molly represented us there and took part in providing accompanying  programme (creating sustainable household products). Facebook event.

Xmas gifts made sustainably workshop 11. 12. 2018
On 11th December, a Xmas gift-making workshop took place in JazyGo (Mánesova 28, Praha) from 6:30 PM! You could get inspired there how to spend Christmas more sustainably and take away something original for your family/friends. Photos from the event.

Workshop about sustainable lifestyle in the Žižkov Community Centre 29. 11. 2018
At the workshop and presentation about sustainable lifestyle in the Žižkov Community Centre, you made e. g. your own dry shampoo or washing powder. Invitation for the event.

Rise and Shine conference 3. 11. 2018: Rosteme společně
Everyone who visited the RespON stall at this conference could make their own softener, toothpaste or solve a cipher. Photo and recipes (in Czech).
Regional conference EVVO 31. 10. 2018
In the National Technical Library on 31st October 2018, we joined the Regional conference EVVO for companies and the public sector. We presented our activities at a stall.
Screening of the film Immortal forest 20. 9. 2018
In cooperation with the Prague 3 Municipality and Echoes of Ekofilm, we screened the Slovak documentary Immortal forest, within the event Sousedská slavnost.
Fairytale expedition in Zeleneč 8. 9. 2018
Thanks to our previous collaboration with the municipality of Zeleneč, we could be present at the Fairytale expedition on 8. 9. 2018, where we had a stall with games for children. In the photo gallery you can even see too original drawings by young green-minded artists.
Rise and Shine conference 18. 6. 2018
In 2018, the organisers invited us for their June conference too (18. 6. 2018). This time participants got the opportunity to make their own softener at our stall. Here you find pictures (source: Rise and Shine).
Rise and Shine conference 17. 3. 2018
On Saturday 17th March we had the pleasure to talk about our activities at a stand at a student Rise and Shine conference. We had prepared a quiz for participants and a video had been shot (in Czech) in connection with our participation:

Take a look at the photos from the conference.

In 2017 we presented sustainable issues on these occasions:

  • presentation at Earth Day in Zeleneč u Prahy,
  • stand at Elderly Day on náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad in Prague,
  • presentation at CEMS Block Seminar at Vienna University (WU) focused on managing the change towards a greater sustainability in companies.
Sustainability Evenings

The events are meant to raise awareness and teach about key sustainability issues, and how to take action locally.

5th edition 28. 11. 2019

On the riverside of Vltava, our fifth Sustainability Evening took place on 28. 11. from 18:00. Topic: climate change. Film screening included, stalls of sustainable vendors and NGOs, DIY workshop, discussion… It was organized on smíchovská náplavka (Smíchov riverside – Hořejší nábřeží, cell 17).

4th edition 3. 4. 2019
The fourth edition of Sustainability Evenings focused on Sustainable Future. It was organised on 3rd April from 18:30 at Prostor39 in Žižkov (Řehořova 33/39 Prague).

We created together some products for household and watched a movie Tomorrow, looking at sustainable future. Also, we invited again interesting people who engage in sustainable products so you could get inspired by them.

3rd edition 22. 11. 2018
The third Sustainability Evening with the topic Sustainable consumption was held on 22nd November 2018 from 6:30 PM, this time in Campus Hybernská. There were workshops on DIY cosmetics and projection of the film A Simpler Way. Invitation for the event. And some pictures.

2nd edition 22. 5. 2018
The second edition of Sustainability Evenings, entitled Sustainable Sea, took place on 22nd May 2018 from 7PM in Prague’s Studio Alta again. After an introductory debate, we watched the film Sea of Life, which dives into some of the most spectacular ecosystems on the planet. It focuses on both the destruction that’s happening in the ocean and the efforts underway to stop it. The purpose of our event, in cooperation with Ekofilm Echoes, was to draw attention to how humans have a big impact on the chemistry of our oceans. The event is documented by several pictures.
1st edition 7. 12. 2017
The first edition happened on 7th December in Studio Alta from 6PM. The theme was Zero Waste, a concept focused on reduction of trash (mainly plastic) and finding reusable and recyclable alternatives. During the first edition of Sustainability Evenings we tried to show you how you can incorporate this philosophy into your day to day life. The program consisted in meeting local zero waste vendors and NGOs, a documentary screening of “The Clean Bin Project”, followed by a discussion on how to take action locally. Photo gallery from the event here.

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